At Sasi Creative School of Business, we believe in nurturing students and turning them into creative business minds. Creative thinking, creative problem solving and creative idea generation have become essential requirements in the business world. In order to equip our students to meet this requirement, imagination, innovation and inspiration are fundamentally ingrained into everything we do. Instead of teaching students how to memorize or what to think, we believe in teaching how to think. This gives our students the ability to not only be analytical, but intuitive and creative as well. We believe in helping students live and breathe innovation. We’ve created classes that help develop innovative ideation techniques and processes.

Students get the opportunity to exercise leadership, management and decision-making skills as they execute their innovations in real world projects. We believe that passionate people create great work. That’s why we have developed unique add-on classes on creativity, innovation to help students reach a deeper understanding of human behavior, trends, design, creativity and consumer culture. This gives students an environment that is not only highly competitive, but also one that nurtures intuition, passion and communication skills.